Physical Location & Mailing Address:

1301 North US HWY 41

Ruskin, FL 33570



The Bereans

Co-Ed., ages: 41-58+

Teacher:  Tom Beck


The Bereans are loving adults who truly care for one another, enjoy meeting together, and are very welcoming to new comers.  As a class they have a sincere desire to meet the needs of their own community & foreign missions and band together often to make an impact in the Name of Jesus.  The curriculum is the Lifeway, Southern Baptist study for Adults.  Mr. Tom Beck, retired High School teacher, leads the class.  He is an experienced and dedicated Bible teacher (and lay pastor), husband, father, and proud grandpa.  Room 103 is in the second building, turning left, at the end of the hallway, on your right.  (Class size:  average = 12, high attendance = 17.)






Faithful Friends

Co-Ed., ages 59-69+

Teacher:  Clayton Groce  


The name of this class tells it all.  The members are faithful friends and they would be eager to include you in their fold.  Mr. Clayton Groce is a Ruskin business owner, son, husband, father, & young grandfather whose whole family is active in the Northside Church family.  Using the Lifeway, Southern Baptist Curriculum for adults, Mr. Groce teaches from years of experience & heart for Christ and his church.  Room #106 can be found in the second building, down the hallway to the left and the room will be seen on your left.  (Class size:  average= 13, high attendance = 15.)






Saints R Us 

Co-Ed., ages multi-generation

Teacher: Rod Brown 


Our Saints R Us class is very easy to find.  The door is on the outside of the building and faces the sidewalk, leading to the sanctuary.  Within these doors, you’ll find a happy group of senior citizens, ready to be your friend.  Mr. Rod Brown, also a “Keenager,” and proud dad & grandfather, has a wealth of experience & knowledge and shares it lovingly with his group.  This class also uses the Lifeway, Southern Baptist curriculum for adults. (Class size: average = 8, high attendance = 11.)





Adult Department